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Toledo’s Grassroots Volunteer Network

The Ridge Project

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Help at Headquarters – The nearest Ridge Project headquarters is located on State Route 65 in McClure, OH. There are a number of opportunities to serve ranging from help in the office, all types of maintenance around the campus.

  • Transportation – Driving families to and from events/prison visits.

  • Family Events – One of the critical ingredients in the success of The Ridge Project is bringing families together. These events require a good deal of preparation and participation. This is the best way to get hands-on involved with incarcerated men and/or their families. This is a key factor in significantly lowering incidents of recidivism.

Mission Statement:

The Ridge Project is a Christian non-profit agency utilizing a holistic approach in combating
generational cycles of poverty, incarceration and entitlement. Primarily they serve ex-offender
populations and incarcerated men and their families. Their single goal is that of building a
legacy of strong family through a path of honor, discipline and integrity.



Elizabeth Brown
419-278-0092 ext. 212