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Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Y-Leaders Programs
    We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate people to work with local teens who want to gain skills and knowledge to better their lives. Each week we meet after school to promote Academics, Healthy Living, Leadership Development , and Social Responsibility, but we can’t do it alone! We need your help to encourage these youth to make good decisions and be the best they can be!
  • What:
    We want to bring in programs to these youth that they may not find anywhere else. Ideas we have are: Tutoring in various subject areas, Yoga /Fitness Classes, Cooking Classes, Financial Literacy, Healthy Living, Life Skills and Leadership Development.
  • Who:
    We are looking for instructors, speakers, mentors, and community members who can give something special to our youth.
  • When:
    Monday-Thursday 3:00 pm-5:30 pm Pick a day and we can fit you in!

Mission Statement:

The Y-Leaders program serves approximately twenty-five to thirty 15-18 year-old high school students at Bowsher and Waite High Schools. The focus of the program revolves around four key elements: academics, leadership development, healthy living, and career and college readiness. Students in our program benefit from extra after school help with homework and participate in student-centered, project-based programming both in the classroom and out in the community during field trips. 



Chelsea Chandler
at the University YMCA
at 419.531.2612
or cchandler@ymcatoledo.org


University YMCA
2086 Brookdale Road
Toledo, OH 43606