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Toledo’s Grassroots Volunteer Network

Water for Ishmael

Volunteer Opportunities: 

American School Evening – 6:30-9:30
♦ Teacher’s aid Tuesday
♦ Teacher’s aid Wednesday
♦ Teacher’s aid Thursday
♦ Job skills teacher (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)

American School for Women – 9 am-noon
◊ Newspaper class teacher (10:40-noon)
◊ TOEFL class teacher (9-10:15)
◊ Sewing class helper
◊ Job skills teacher
◊ Choir teacher

American School for Children – 9 am-noon
♦ Monday:  Infant room helper
♦ Tuesday:  Infant room helper
♦ Wednesday:  Infant room helper
♦ Thursday:  Infant room  helper

Conversation Partners – one hour/week for one college semester (beginning this January)
♦ 50 males
♦ 10 females

♦ Small groups or churches to adopt a family:  Help them adjust to the U.S., learn to drive, find jobs, etc.  Be a friend and community for them to connect to.
♦ Construction teams for our new building
♦ Someone to help connect new immigrants with jobs.


Our vision is to help EVERY international connect, belong, and become. We serve refugees, immigrants, and international students here in Toledo! Our mission is to partner with the local church to build a welcoming community for Toledo area internationals, to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ, and to empower internationals with skills to become successful.




3925 W. Central Avenue
Toledo, OH  43606