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Toledo’s Grassroots Volunteer Network

Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Creative Assistant: Volunteers would help with putting together creative displays for different events, the lobby display cases, and much more.
  • Office Assistant: Volunteers who are interested in the clerical side of volunteering are also welcome. Volunteers can help out with filing, office organization, making phone calls, keep inventory of supplies, and other clerical duties.
  • Recreation Assistant: Open Rec. is scheduled weekdays from 3:30pm-4:30pm. Volunteers work with Recreational Therapists and assist with patient activities including pool, ping-pong, board and card games, and craft. This is a great opportunity to interact informally with patients. Other small group times are available but MUST be scheduled individually.
  • Special Events: There are many campus-wide events scheduled throughout the year. Volunteers can help plan, prepare, solicit/provide donations, serve refreshments, and assist patients during the events. Examples include Summerfest, Christmas Breakfast, and holiday dances.
  • Please Note:
    • Volunteers are NOT required to have contact with patients.
    • Volunteer Services will work with your skill to create a volunteer opportunity for you.

Group Volunteer/Student Outreach Activities and Projects

  • Schedule a one-time event: This offers a fun experience, which is a good introduction to mental illness, a look at psychiatric treatment in a contemporary hospital setting, and the experience of providing a highly appreciated visit to those who have few community contacts.
  • Plan a reoccurring activity: This offers student groups a more in-depth opportunity to reach out to people who have mental illness on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, experiencing our patients as people with an illness, and seeing their joy and appreciation over frequent community support.
  • Performance Groups: Are you a member of a band, orchestra, dance ensemble, drama club, or other type of performance group through your church, school, social club, or fraternal organization? We can schedule a performance to fit your group’s availability.

Suggestions for activities that don’t take place at NOPH:

  • Creative Expression: Are you an artist or good with tools? NOPH welcomes groups that can create art pieces, props, or games for different events.

Mission Statement:

“Promoting wellness and recovery.”




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