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Toledo’s Grassroots Volunteer Network

St. Paul’s Community Center

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Sponsor a lunch for the community, mostly weekends (buying food, cooking and serving about 120 to 140 people)
  • Sponsor a dinner for the residents, weekends and weekdays (buying, cooking and serving food for 35 residents)
  • Volunteering in the kitchen, weekdays, any time from 7 Am to 130 PM (helping prep and cook food for the lunch meals)
  • Organize and implement a food drive for St Paul’s
  • Organize and implement a personal hygiene items drive for St Paul’s

Mission Statement:

The purpose of St. Paul’s Community Center is to provide services and to act as a safety net to the homeless and those suffering from indigence, to promote self-sufficiency and to assist the clients in making positive independent life changes in an atmosphere of caring and concern.



Joseph Habib, LISW-S / LICDC – CS
Executive Director

Phone: 419 255 5520 ext 213
Cell: 419 913 7859
Fax: 419 259 4609
email: jhabib@spcc-toledo.org


230 13th Street
Toledo, Ohio 43604