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Toledo’s Grassroots Volunteer Network

The Great Privilege

As I meet with Volunteer Coordinators and Executive Directors of outreach initiatives in the greater Toledo area, my heart is overcome with the depth and breadth of the tremendous need in our midst.  It is a great privilege for me to meet with these people whose hearts are filled with compassion toward their constituents. Each one has a unique calling to serve a cross-section of our city. In my opinion, these folks make a significant contribution to the greatness of our city. Most of them serve behind the scene – out of the spotlight.  Loving their people is all the reward they look for.  I have yet to meet one that is a downer.  They carry the same weight and anxiety on their shoulders as we all do.  However, I do not hear any of them complain.

Everyone I have met with is delighted with our connecting – with the opportunity to list their volunteer needs on our Toledo Together network website.

I feel God has been preparing me all my life to launch Toledo Together.  I figure I’ve got 20 more good years left in me (God willing).  I plan on sowing them all into this city network.